Meal Prep

2 pounds of meat = 8, 4 oz meals
1 cup dry white rice = ~ 666 g; 8, 75 g meals
2 cups frozen veggies = ~ 8 meals

Cook up the veggies and meat, section out the veggies start boiling the rice, section out patties of meat, let rice cool then section out.

Mix in spinach after microwaving.

BOMB. Meal prep done. Video is chopped up. Entire prep took about 1.5 hours.

Typically I'll take 3 meals for my 12 hour days. Plus breakfast at home (oatmeal and protein powder), Quest bar snack,  and a snack when I get home (rice cake and almond butter) ~ 1550 calories, 150 g carbohydrates, 135 g protein, 50 g fat

It's not complicated. But it is a commitment to yourself and the routine.

<3 MA

Powerlifting Competition

One of the newest things I’ve added to my life is the concept of competing in a sport that I’ve been trying out and loving for 3 years. There’s an entire background to this situation and the years I’ve spent working on becoming the picture of who I want to be. That is for another time or the bits and pieces I’ve laid strewn across this platform.
This time, I would like to discuss the impact that competing left on my soul. This is perhaps a documentary on the experience of that day, as I feel someone may benefit from reading and knowing this before they compete. Knowing your numbers is great, having all your gear is best, but nothing prepared me for the aftermath of war.
This is that story.
A short autobiography may put this in perspective for your own experience. I competed in team sports for a short while, but always focused on experiences that put your time and effort against others’ capabilities. From piano to karate to colorguard, I competed on and off for years in sports where …

Do Enough? I am Enough

One of my greatest achievements is doing. I take pride in doing. I want to be known as a doer.

I build my confidence through my ability to achieve. It makes me happy to take something from nothing and make it great.

It helps that I'm a developer, so one of my favorite things to do is assist someone else in achieving their dreams.

Mostly because I did not get here alone. Not by a long shot. I got a mentor for every day of the week and every poison I've decided to try.

I like to do. That does not mean become a master or "finish". There is always more to learn.

So there are a couple of ideas that have been rolling in my head. I need to write these down. I cannot let these ideas go to waste.

Take or leave them, this is what I do.

I make lists. Lists for what needs to happy with a due date. Lists for what needs to happen today, in the order they'll occur. Sometimes I have a good timeline estimate, sometimes I don't. Lists for what will happen this week in a timeli…

Moving Up

I find it difficult to move up in the workplace. For the workplace, my only suggestion is to continue to learn through formal education and certificates and put yourself in a position to mentor and be mentored. The reason I love AORN is that the Dallas chapter brought me in and gave me a position of authority in order to help our membership. I was asked for my input as a millennial and I asked questions of potential mentors in order to provide the best service to the chapter. I am still learning how to ask, question, and delegate in order to achieve the best results of my team, formally or informally. My PhD tract is helping me learn, as well as informal mentors through committees at work and in AORN. I received these positions by networking and asking how I can help. When given an assignment, I follow through and I perform well. I ask questions when I’m not sure of the assignment or what the team needs. I’m an open book and I ask questions until I have a complete picture. My suggesti…

Ask them for their hope.

This year, my grandfather Anderson was hospitalized for the flu, sent to rehab for recovery, fell and had a short femur rod placed, and ultimately placed in a memory-care facility. He lives in a studio apartment with a tiny bathroom. He lives in his wheelchair and has to be reminded constantly not to stand without assistance. His dementia is so far that he forgets that one command, and he’s already had a small fall again.
This year, I’m much more family-focused and aware of the toll my career aspirations take on my family. Every time I come home to my parents, either to see my father (that career-focus keeps him busy) or get my hair done, I make it a point to stop by my grandfather’s room, wherever he may be this time.
The last time I went to see him, he asked about school. It’s not uncommon for those who know me to ask about school instead of work. That’s where my passion is, and I can very rarely explain what I do in the operating room without violating some HIPPA law. They know no…

Love Is

This self-love will transect all boundaries and apply to every single person on this planet. This is not about me, this is not about money, this is not about fame. This is about making the entire planet love itself again and through understanding the human experience, gain oneness and help everyone live in harmony. 
I need this more than I need to breathe. There is only this. This is the only light. All of these things end up to the tunnel of being the CEO and President of Nurses’ Wellbeing Training. This goes beyond steps and it goes beyond metrics. This is putting yourself first so that you are able to take care of your patients so that you are able to get the metrics for your team. This is about supporting other divine spirits through the human experience as only another human can do. This is what love is. This is who I was meant to be.
Thank you Universe. Sincerely, MA


I need to focus. My purpose is to get nurses healthy the same way I begged to no be addicted to the alcohol, the high of achieving, and now the comfort of another. It's fear of unknown happiness, when I am happy now. I am where I need to be. I am pursuing my purpose.
That is cause for celebration and I am so proud.
Yoga calms me because it reminds me that I am not alone, though I choose to celebrate the Universe and not some god. Their god aligns more with my purpose, but the highness of the Universe that karma and personal wealth comes from loving others and alleviating suffering however you strengths pull you. I became a nurse and now the certification and degrees with help push my alleviation further. Though yoga would teach me that the ghost within me, each atom of my soul can become the healer, I do not have the knowledge yet. I must pursue this knowledge, I must pursue this chatter in my mind, I must put to rest my fears.
Everything that would happen already is. I can not u…